Hurricane Evacuee/Singer Carl Thomas Gives Great Suggestion To People Donating $

Posted On : September 1, 2017
Carl Thomas

After former Bad Boy Records crooner, Carl Thomas, posted video online of himself being rescued by boat from his Houston, TX home after Hurricane Harvey hit, many fans were wondering what happened next with him and his family. He was rescued on Monday (Aug. 28th) and had unplugged from social media ever since.

Today (Fri. 9-1) he’s resurfaced online in an oxygen mask and a protective coverall suit, as he stood outside his flood damaged home. During the midst of he and his family salvaging what they can inside their house, Carl took the time to offer some of the best advice we’ve heard all day regarding Hurricane Harvey donations.

In case y’all haven’t heard by now, one of the biggest organizations, Red Cross, has just gotten blasted in the media, after news spread that they’ve been paying their company and employees far more of the donators’ money, than they’ve reported in the past. After recently learning that for the 2010 Haiti earthquake, in which they collected $500 million to aid survivors, but only built 6 permanent homes and kept $124 million for vaguely specified ‘administration fees and expenses,’ folks are now weary of donating their money.

Therefore, Carl Thomas has now suggested that donators find a Hurricane Harvey family or individual to sponsor directly. That way we’ll know they’re getting the money we donate to them. See his message below…

The Direct Approach is the Best….

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As a New Orleans, La. native, who lived through Hurricane Katrina in 2005, I understand firsthand how doing what Carl has suggested, would be extremely helpful to those in need. There is so much red tape, paperwork, long waiting lists, etc. that the victims already have to deal with- in the midst of losing so much- that just to get basic necessities, like diapers, food, sanitary items, clothing, etc. Whatever anyone can send to a ‘Hurricane Harvey’ victim(s) in need right now, greatly helps. Also, there are many charities that are still conducting business on the up and up, so we don’t need to abandon all of them, it’s just great to have other options as well.

Tips To Find Hurricane Harvey Victims To Help Online:

1. Contact Houston (and surrounding cities) shelters, churches, etc. and ask the volunteers there to put you in direct contact with a person(s) in need.

2. Search for random residents on social media who live in Houston, Port Arthur, TX and the other affected areas. See if they’ve posted something about their Harvey circumstances, or if others have recently left a comment on their page regarding being a victim of the hurricane. Then send a message to them that you would like to send them a donation.

3. Search the hashtag, #hurricaneharvey on social media and see if posts from victims appear, then send them a message that way.

These are just suggestions and if y’all have any more suggestions on how to get in touch directly with a Harvey victim in need, please share that info with us on our Facebook page to spread the word.

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