If U Think Kathy Sledge Is Beautiful Wait ‘Til U See Her Daughter! Wow!

Posted On : September 12, 2015

Kathy Sledge of Sister Sledge has been a very beautiful woman ever since she and her sisters hit the music scene with “We Are Family” in 1979. Well, Kathy wasn’t actually a woman when they first started out, she was just a 15 year old teenager with a woman’s voice, but she’s all woman now though – 51 years young to be exact, and she’s looking more like 31.  8-30 kathy sledge3

Sister Sledge
Sister Sledge

We were looking at some recent pics of Kathy recently, here at ILoveOldSchoolMusic.com, and we were not only trippin’ over how fine Ms. Sledge still is, when we saw her daughter we were all like ‘Woah!’ Her daughter is Kathy, all over again! Scroll down to see what we mean.


Meet Kathy Sledge’s Daughter, Kristen

Screenshot 2015-09-03 08.57.19
Kathy Sledge (L) and her daughter, Kristen (R)

Do y’all see this?!! She’s like Kathy Sledge’s clone or something…absolutely beautiful.
8-30 kathy sledge and daughter

Kathy’s daughter, Kristen Lightfoot, is also a singer who performs with her mother frequently. As a matter of fact, Kathy is now doing the same thing for her daughter that her mother, the late Florez Sledge did for her and her sisters, Sister Sedge, back in the day – she’s managing her daughter’s career.

Florez Sledge, the mother of the singing group, Sister Sledge
Florez Sledge, the mother of the singing group, Sister Sledge

Kathy’s mom used to drive her, and the rest of  Sister Sledge, around in a old model station wagon to get her girls the exposure they needed and she propelled their singing careers into the “We Are Family” success that we all love to this day. Kathy is hoping to take her daughter even farther than that.

Although Kathy has admitted to some sources that “Sometimes I look up to the heavens and go ‘Mom how’d you do this?'” But overall she seems to be having a beautiful experiencing watching her daughter (and her son) blossom while also learning the ends and outs of the music biz.

Kathy Sledge, Kelly Price, and Kathy's daughter, Kristen
Kathy Sledge, Kelly Price, and Kathy’s daughter, Kristen

Screenshot 2015-09-03 10.34.38
Screenshot 2015-09-03 09.01.45
Kristen’s dad is Phil Lightfoot Sr., whom has been married to her mom, Kathy, for years now and they also have a son, Phil Lightfoot Jr., together.

Kathy Sledge and her husband (and father of her two children), Phil Lightfoot Sr.
Kathy Sledge and her husband (and father of her two children), Phil Lightfoot Sr.

Kathy Sledge is currently performing and recently did a tour with Jody Watley and others.  Below is a recent pic from their show that Kathy posted to her Instagram page:
Screenshot 2015-09-03 10.24.59

That apple sure didn’t fall far from the tree with these two. Like mother, like daughter and both of them are just like the Old School saying goes, ‘Fine as wine and only getting better with time.’ Go ‘head Mrs. Sledge!
Screenshot 2015-09-03 08.56.32
Check out a video of Kathy and her daughter performing and a classic throwback pic she recently posted on the next page.

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