Incredible! Naomi Campbell’s Mother Is Just As Gorgeously Ageless As Her!

Posted On : June 14, 2017

For many years supermodel, Naomi Campbell (47), has shut it down on the runway and on television, leaving fans captivated by her hella gorgeous looks and timeless beauty. From modeling to acting, film, and fragrances, the London, England native has built a successful enterprise.

At one point, Naomi even dabbled in music, recording an R&B/pop studio album. Thankfully, after that album release, she stuck to what she does best…no shade, just being real. I still love you though Naomi…but I digress. Anyways, Naomi Campbell’s beauty has opened many doors throughout her 30 years in the industry, but there’s one interesting fact that most fans probably don’t know. Her Momma is a banger! Naomi clearly gets her looks from her gorgeous mother, who looks more like her sister. So if you think Naomi is a 10, then wait ’til you see Valerie Morris-Campbell…she’ll definitely make you do a double-take…

Meet Naomi Campbell’s Gorgeous Momma

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Bam!!! Meet Naomi’s mom, Valerie. As you can see, the two women give a whole new meaning to the term ‘age ain’t nothing but a number.’ Valerie, is a former supermodel, herself, and at 64-years-young she has definitely located a fountain of youth somewhere on this green earth.

Their Relationship Has A Rocky Past

Although Naomi and her mom, Valerie,  have a very close relationship now, Valerie previously discussed how life wasn’t always easy. During a past interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2010, Naomi Campbell broke down in tears when she admitted she felt her mother abandoned her as a child.

“It comes from a deeper place than that with me. It comes from another type of emotional disorder because it’s not just, if I don’t get what I want I throw a fit… It comes from, I think, an abandonment issue and it comes from also trying to just build up a family around me that’s not my immediate family and if I feel a mistrust, then… all my cards go down,” Naomi said.

Over the years, Naomi had become known for her anger issues as she would normally lash out at staff. She admitted she believes her upbringing may have contributed to her emotional behaviors. But despite the root of her fears, she’s made no excuses for her actions. “I think it’s also a fear issue because anger comes from fear… It’s not an excuse; I don’t have an excuse for my behavior,” explained Naomi.

For those who don’t know, Valerie gave birth to Naomi when she was just 19-years-old. At the time, she believed placing her daughter in the care of others was the best way to ensure she offered her child the best life she possibly could, reports VIBE. But luckily, things are quite different now. The two have managed to move forward despite their rocky beginnings and it looks like they are in a much better place.

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