Is Michael Jackson’s Lil’ Girl About To Jump The Broom?!!

Posted On : June 16, 2015

BLOG paris and chesterOh my goodness, the King of Pop’s daughter is growing up! We weren’t ready!

Although it may seem like it was just yesterday that Michael Jackson was being swarmed by paparazzi just to get a quick glimpse of his toddler children, the fact is ‘them all grown up nah.’ His daughter, Paris Jackson, is now 17 years old and get this? She has a boyfriend, and apparently a serious boyfriend. Word on the old school curb is that she is dating U.S. soccer player Chester Castellaw and the two are allegedly in love. How cute, right?

Here’s the thing though, there are now speculations that Paris and Chester are about to jump the broom, so we did a lil’ research to see if we can find any confirmed truths to this rumor and lo and behold here is what we found…

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