It Was THAT Bad? This Mary Jane Girl Was Relieved When Rick James Died

Posted On : March 10, 2015
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Rick James with the Mary Jane Girls

We all remember when the late, great Rick James released his girl group, Mary Jane Girls, and they were dominating the music game with hits like “In My House,” “All Night Long,” and “Candy Man.”

Well over the past 3 decades after their release, a few of them have been very vocal about their tarnished relationship with Rick. One of the members, Maxi B. has recently put it ALL out there and what she said about how she felt when Rick passed away is shocking. Before we go any further, we want to point out that what she is referring to has also been confirmed by Rick himself, in his autobiography and overall it’s just really sad that the relationship turned that sour on both sides of the coin.

Maxi B. of the Mary Jane Girls
Maxi B. of the Mary Jane Girls

Check out why she was relieved when Rick passed away below:


Maxi B.: He (Rick) mishandled all of our (The Mary Jane Girls) careers. He blocked us all from having prosperity in the industry. People often ask me, you know, why didn’t any of you do anything? The reason is Rick James….he held us back….he signed us to a 20 year slave contract.
Maxi: “He just didn’t let us step out of our box like Vanity and Appolonia (Prince’s artists)…all of those girls got to step out and brand and now they can do things and it still hurts us because people are looking at us and realizing that we haven’t done anything in over 30 years. So when Rick died…it’s when I decided okay ‘That demon is off of my back. Ding dong the Wicked Witch is dead. Now I can go on and pursue…[it’s] never too late. I’m older now, but I’ll just go on and do it in another demographic.I believe that if you had talent then, you have talent now.’ And now I’m doing things that I never got to do thanks to the internet.


Maxi also said that Rick was doing everything he could to make sure they didn’t succeed and that she was crushed after Rick allegedly put out the word in the industry that no one can do business with any of the girls because they were in a 20 year contract with him and that he no longer wanted to make money off of them. She also said she was extremely hurt when she read Rick’s book, “Memoirs Of A Superfreak” and saw that he said he wanted to “break the Mary Jane Girls” so that they couldn’t make money. Wow!
Here’s what Rick revealed in his book about that whole situation in his true RAW style…

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