Jackie Wilson Brutally Beat Etta James’ Boyfriend Over THIS! Wow!

Posted On : October 25, 2015

fb etta and jackie wilsonAs we now know, after seeing Cadillac Records and witnessing further behaviors from the late great Etta James, she lived a lifestyle that would have put many of these reality TV stars of today to shame. She was a great entertainer who experienced a great deal of personal struggles. She’s lived through neglect from her father; homelessness as a child; drug addictions; according to her son, she also had dramatic behavioral problems later in life as the result of a severe urinary tract infection; she served time in Angola prison when she was younger, which is one of the most vicious prisons in America; and she also had bouts of domestic abuse in her relationships with men. She discussed one of those relationships in her book and it also made singer, Jackie Wilson have to step in. Here’s what James wrote…

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