Adorable! Janet Jackson Janet Jackson Shares First Photo of Baby Eissa Al Mana

Posted On : April 14, 2017



Recent pictures of Janet Jackson surfaced after it was revealed that Janet Jackson is divorcing her husband, Qatari billionaire, 42 year-old Wissam Al Mana. While it hasn’t been shared why the couple is divorcing, Janet has not shied away from the public or her motherly duties. Noticeably heavy, pictures of Jackson was shared as she was strolling her baby in public, however, he was covered.

Surprisingly, Janet Jackson took to her personal website to share the first photo of her son, Eissa Al Mana. It’s the first time we’ve gotten a good glimpse of the little one since he was born back in January.

My baby and me after nap time, Janet captioned the pic.

So adorable! Take a look at the full photo below.


It seems like Wissam Al Mana is quite possibly trying to keep their family alive. To show that Janet still has his heart, he wrote a message of love to the singer on his website.

To the most beautiful person in the world, thank you for your divine love, your eternal support and for being my best friend, the message reads. I love you so much, inshallah we will be together in the Great Forever x


In addition to posting a message of love to Janet, he also posted a quote from the Quran that seemed to capture their recent split.

You shall most certainly be tried in your possessions and in your persons; and indeed you shall hear many hurtful things from those to whom revelation was granted before your time, as well as from those who have come to ascribe divinity to other beings beside Allah, the scripture quote reads. But if you remain patient in adversity and conscious of Him — this, behold, is something to set one’s heart upon. — 3:186.


Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana married in 2012 despite their different lifestyles. The couple seemed to be in love as Janet even converted to Islam. However, something went wrong as of April 8th , the couple announced their split just three months after the Janet gave birth to their first son, Eissa.

The couple hasn’t divorced yet so maybe there’s hope yet.

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