Janet Jackson’s Fans Go Off, Call Justin Timberlake “Trash” For What He Just Did To Her

Posted On : October 23, 2017

Justin Timberlake is learning the hard way that Janet Jackson has a ton of ride-or-die fans who are ready to storm on him straight “Rhythm Nation” military style. Why are they so mad with him today, you ask? Well, it has everything to do with the offer Timberlake just accepted without Janet.

Many of us recall that slight ‘hiccup’ Janet and Justin had during their 2004 Superbowl half time performance. You know, the one where Janet had that “wardrobe malfunction” and Justin “accidentally” made her pasties covered breast pop outta her top.  Now, let’s be real, everybody and their mommas know good n’ damn well that was NOT a wardrobe malfunction, but seeing how Janet and Justin have continued to stick with that story, we’ll just roll with it too. Anyways, see why folks are now going off on Timberland below…

After their Superbowl situation, Justin, and Janet became the NFL’s reason for time delaying all future Superbowl performances, just in case any artists had such ‘slip-ups’ in the future. The delay would allow the show’s editors to quickly cut out anything they deemed offensive prior to airing it on TV. Now the show’s producers have another big bright idea…

Justin Timberlake Makes Major Announcement

Ever since 2004, both Justin and Janet were banned from ever performing at the Superbowl half time show again…until now. Turns out, only one of them is apparently still banned, that would be Janet Jackson…not Timberlake. You see, earlier today (10-22-17) Justin- along with the help of talk show host, Jimmy Fallon- posted his announcement on Twitter that after 13 years, he has officially been asked to return for a Superbowl half time performance. Check out his announcement…

Janet’s Fans Go Off

But y’all already know Janet Damita Jo Jackson’s fans do NOT play when it comes to her! So they immediately took to social media to call Justin “trash” for accepting the offer, without demanding that Janet be invited back too. They are also calling for a boycott until she is asked to return. Here are some of the Tweets….


At this point, Janet, as always, kept it classy and has not commented about the apparent slap in the face the Superbowl half time producers have virtually just given her. She didn’t need to step outside of her character and speak on the matter though, because as y’all can see, her fans got her back. ILOSM family, do you think Justin is wrong for accepting the offer without Janet, or nah?

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