Finally! Janet Jackson’s Ex Sis-In-Law Tells TRUTH About Alleged Daughter!

Posted On : March 19, 2017

janet and james debarge2

By now, everyone has probably heard about Tiffany Whyte, the 30-something-year-old woman who adamantly insists she’s the long, lost daughter of Janet Jackson and James DeBarge. For those who missed it, Tiffany made headlines last week when she spoke out about the situation. She even said she had DNA test results to back her claims. Even James’ mother, Etterlene DeBarge believes Tiffany is her granddaughter, but his sister, Bunny, has dropped a serious truth bomb.

What We’ve All Been Thinking:

As soon as Tiffany’s picture surfaced online, fans believed she was delusional and took advantage of the “secret daughter scandal” because no one else had come forward. Although Etterlene DeBarge has embraced Tiffany, Bunny feels the same way fans do: while there may have been a child, Tiffany’s not it!

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Put On Blast:

Bunny accused Tiffany of thirsting for fame and even apologized for the media firestorm the situation has caused.

“I would like to apologize to Janet and tell her as a family we would not have done it like that.”

During a recent interview on Inside Edition, Bunny also shared her opinion of the baby scandal. “That has haunted the family a long time,” Bunny said of the baby scandal that’s made headlines for years. “When the marriage was annulled… Janet was pregnant and James believed that as well,” she said, continuing, “I think we all believe that James and Janet had a child.”

She went on to share her opinion of the alleged DNA test results. “I’m like, ‘Mom, maybe she’s some kin to you but she’s not James [DeBarge] and Janet’s daughter. Come on now,'” she said on Inside Edition.

Woman Etterelene Debarge believes to be Janet's and James Debarge's 'secret daughter'
Woman Etterelene Debarge believes to be Janet’s and James Debarge’s ‘secret daughter’

Tiffany Whyte is one of 10 women who claimed to be the child of Janet and James. However, she’s the only one who has spoken publicly and claimed to have DNA results. But, despite the results, fans still aren’t convinced she’s really the one. No one knows if this mystery will ever be solved, but only time will tell.

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