Jennifer Hudson’s Husband Just Clapped Back With Serious Claims About Her

Posted On : November 21, 2017

Jennifer Hudson and David Otunga have a long road ahead where their custody battle is concerned. Although Jennifer ended up with the upper hand when she was granted a protective order against her estranged ex, it doesn’t look like David will be going down without a fight.

According to Radar Online, Otunga’s attorney Tracy M. Rizzo is speaking out with his reaction to being temporarily barred from seeing his son.

Absolutely Devastated:

When Jennifer Hudson was granted “temporary physical care and possession of their son,” Rizzo claims David Otunga was devastated and that day “was the worst day of David’s entire life!” “Being separated from his son, who is his best friend, is absolutely unbearable for David,” added Rizzo.

The WWE wrestler also claims is ex’s abuse allegations are complete lies. He insists the only reason he was upset about her taking their son is because of her hectic schedule and the late nights she tends to work. “My client’s only concern was the fact that Jennifer was keeping their son out late on school nights with her and her boyfriend, which she did numerous times.”

From the looks of it, Otunga isn’t very fond of Hudson’s parenting right now because of her busy work schedule. Based on his attorney’s statements, it looks like he plans to paint a picture of a working woman too busy for motherhood.

Too Busy For Motherhood?:

Since Hudson has been on the road traveling to do The Voice, Otunga adamantly insists something has to give. He is willing to fight to make sure his son does not go with her. Rizzo also revealed Hudson is on the road more than she’s at home which is one of the defense tactics. He also claims David Jr. is often left with her family and assistants because she’s reportedly too busy to care for him on a full-time basis. Rizzo added, “Jennifer was doing The Voice overseas and is now doing The Voice in L.A. and her son is not going to go with her,” Rizzo told Radar. “She is everywhere but at home with her son and she is out of the Chicago area where they live a lot. Furthermore, Jennifer uses her family and assistants to watch over David Jr. when she is gone. He is definitely in better hands with his father.”

Despite Otunga’s claims, the judge has temporarily ruled in Jennifer’s favor. So, it looks like he’ll be fighting an uphill battle but hopefully they resolve things amicably for the sake of their son.

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