Jermaine Dupri Sent Subliminal Message About Ex Janet On His Daughter’s B-Day?

Posted On : May 17, 2017

Okay ILOSM fam,’ first let’s start this thing off by wishing Janet Jackson a happy 51st birthday! She celebrated her b-day on May 16th (2017), which brings us to our next point. Her ex-boyfriend/music legend, Jermaine Dupri, has a beautiful daughter named Shaniah, who turned 19 years old the day before Janet’s b-day on May 15th.

Jermaine Dupri daughter, Shaniah
Jermaine Dupri daughter, Shaniah

The thing that got folks talking was Jermaine’s Instagram birthday wish to his daughter. He hit her with a flurry of b-day wishes, but there was one in particular where he included Janet Jackson to do so.

In a throwback video he shared as a b-day wish for Shaniah, Jermaine, Janet, and a much younger Shaniah were chillin’ backstage at what appeared to be one of Janet’s concerts. As Jermaine danced to Lil’ Boosie & Webbie’s “Independent Woman,” Janet got her makeup touched up, while trying to convince Shaniah to do a dance she had shown her earlier. Check it out below…

It's @shaniahcymone day, all day,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! #19

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That was an adorable thing to see, but y’all know fans couldn’t just leave it like that…and neither could we. So lets address that elephant in the room…

Prior to Janet’s newly single woman status- or shall we say, her newly ‘marriage break status’ *insert side eye here*– Jermaine was not posting anything about ‘Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty.’ They dated for 8 years and had a lot of love for each other though. Jermaine even later revealed in interviews with The Breakfast Club and The Wendy Williams Show, that he “probably” messed up the relationship with Janet by ‘being a guy’ and that he’d once asked her to marry him (he thinks).

So of course we must ask this hypothetical question regarding Jermaine’s seemingly subliminal Instagram message for Janet: Do you think Jermaine’s trying to send a ‘Batman signal’ to Janet to let her know he’s thinking of her and wouldn’t mind a second shot at love….with her?

It’s an honest question, and besides, no sense in Jermainer letting his 2009 Janet Jackson tattoo go to waste…might as well make it count…

[photo via XoNecole]
Jermaine showing tattoo of his then girlfriend, Janet in 2009 [photo via XoNecole]
Seriously though, Janet and Jermaine were a cool couple, but we’ll have to wait and see if they’re ready to rekindle that old flame again. Janet’s gotta first get a divorce for that to happen.

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