Jesse Jackson’s Daughter Launches Singing Career But Does She Have IT?

Posted On : November 25, 2014
Jesse Jackson's daughter, Ashley Jackson
Jesse Jackson’s daughter, Ashley Jackson

Meet Jesse Jackson’s baby girl, Ashley Jackson. You probably don’t recognize her, but you may remember the very popular story surrounding her existence. Remember when Jesse’s former staffer, Dr. Karin Stanford put him on blast by exposing their love affair, which produced a love child? Yeah, Ashley is the “love child” and she now has a beautiful relationship with her Pops, Rev. Jesse Jackson. Fifteen year old Ashley, goes by the stage name of Ajae and she’s recently released her first single on iTunes titled “Just Do Me.”

She said that her Dad is keeping his fingers crossed that she will one day pursue a career in politics, but he’s still supportive of her decision to follow in her idol, Beyonce’s footsteps, except she said she’s doing it with a political twist.

Ashley Jackson and Dad, Rev. Jesse Jackson
Ashley Jackson and Dad, Rev. Jesse Jackson

“Dad likes the song a lot and he’s said lot of positive things about it. He’s proud of me. I’m just not sure this was his plan for me at this time, but he’s trying hard to be supportive. I think that originally he thought that being an entertainer would be something I’d pursue at an older age — not this age, so I think this is a surprise to him” says Ashley.

“My mom is a political science instructor and my dad a civil rights activist. I am inspired by their work, but I am not them, and I have to follow my own path, which is music. I do see myself changing the world, but just through music. I sing about respecting the legacy of my upbringing with my parents and simultaneously about embracing my dreams.”

Ashley even writes her own songs and likes to write about political topics like the “Bring Back Our Girls” tragedy in Nigeria. “I want younger girls to know about issues like this. I am inspired by that and I want to mentor young girls,” Jackson continued.

Jesse Jackson, his daughter, Ashley, with Michael Jackson
Jesse Jackson, his daughter, Ashley, with Michael Jackson

Well it looks like Ms. Ashley is off to a great start and we wish her the best because celebrity kids are born with a gift and a curse of having to live in their parents shadow, but hopefully she’ll be able to fully step outside of Rev. Jackson’s shadow and successfully carve out her own space in the world of entertainment.

Check out Ajae’s new video and tell us what you think.

Do you think Ajae has the skills to make in today’s music industry?
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Now we did mention that Rev. Jackson is supportive, although he still wants Ashley to have a political career, BUT her mom, Dr. Karin Stanford is being a lot more vocal about her battle with her daughter’s decision. See what her Mom said when you click next.

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