Joe Jackson Rushed To Hospital, In Intensive Care

Posted On : July 27, 2015

BLOG joe jacksonILOSM family let’s send well wishes to Joe Jackson and keep Mama Katherine and the rest of the Jackson family in our thoughts. On yesterday Joe Jackson was rushed to the emergency room in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was in Brazil to attended his 87th birthday party, but never made it there. We know that he suffered a stroke, and this story is still developing, but here are the details that we have so far.

Here are the details via TMZ:

Joe Jackson has reportedly suffered a stroke that left him at the very least temporarily blind.

Jackson family sources confirm…Joe was admitted to the Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo after reportedly waking up Sunday feeling dizzy, with no vision.

Joe, who has diabetes, was in the city for his 87th birthday party that was being thrown for him.

These pics were taken hours before the reported stroke.
joe jackson walking

Family sources tell TMZ, doctors are running tests and they’re trying to decide whether to fly Joe back to the U.S. for further treatment.

The Albert Einstein hospital also stated in their press release, that Joe Jackson had also suffered an irregular heartbeat at the time that he was admitted to the facility.

Joe Jackson is one tough brotha, so if anyone can pull through this and fight his way back to great health, it would be the patriarch of the Jackson fam.’ Send prayers up for him ILOSM family.

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