Joe Jackson’s Cousin Reveals Who Offered $200K To Say MJ Touched His Kids

Posted On : March 8, 2016
Original Caption: Michael jackson:
Original Caption: Michael jackson:

A cousin of Joe Jackson, who is also a former drug kingpin and self proclaimed gangster, revealed some very shocking information recently about an offer that he’d received back in the day to lie on his cousin, Michael Jackson in court. This guy’s name is James Newt when his sons then pre-teen singing group, The Newtrons, were signed to Joe Jackson’s record label, Jackson records, was also around the time that MJ was going through the child molestation trial. Newt knew MJ and Joe very well and often hung out at their home in Havenhurst. Check out the lowdown mess that he says he was once asked to do to MJ that he turned down with the quickness:

Now, later on Michael was being charged with the whole child molestation thing and you actually got dragged into the middle of this..

“Yeah a friend of mine told the National Enquirer he knew some family that knew the Jacksons and they called me on the phone and asked me to come to the hotel. Now me being a playa from the Himalayas, I said ‘I’mma go and see what they talking’ about so I can take the information back to Mike and Johnnie Cochran. So I go down there…I say ‘Yeah what’s happenin?’ …I say “What I’m here for? I’m here to help Michael.” They say “Oh no, that ain’t what we want with you. We heard that your boys spent nights at the house and we wanna know if Michael tampered with ’em….uh just picked them up, or touched them in any kind of way. If he did, we got $200,000 for you.” I said ‘Huh?’ I had just got outta prison, I said ‘man I can’t do that, can’t tell no lie like that. i ain’t doing that.’ He said “You sure? What I’mma do [is] I’mma draw a check up, a contract up and I’mma show you we fitna give you $200,000!”

James Newt - MJ - 2
So they wanted to pay you $200,000 to say that Michael Jackson had molested your kids?

Yeah just touched ’em, or whatever…molested, touched ’em, anything.”

When asked what he would have done is he ever found out if Michale had touched his kids Newt replied:

“C’mon man I’mma gangster, what you think I would’ve done?”

When asked if he once said he would have killed MJ if he would have touched his children Newt replied:

“If he would have touched my kids? Absolutely. But i love Michael and I know Michael didn’t do that, so he ain’t have no problem worrying about me.”

Newt also said that The National Enquirer found out that he had taken a photo of MJ and one of his sons right after they’d gotten out of the pool one day at MJ’s house, but that they wanted to turn the pic into something evil by asking if they could use that photo as evidence that MJ had touched Newt’s kids.

James Newt - MJ

If you still have some doubt, you might feel different after you watch the video to the end where he shows the pictures!

This is not the first time we’ve heard about someone being offered money to frame MJ- we’ve seen a few of the so called victims later recant their claims after MJ passed away and confess that they lied on MJ and were forced to do it by their parents. There have been many conspiracies as to why that was being done to MJ, with the most consistent one being that the big wigs in the music industry, including Sony Music, who MJ began to expose and speak out about to the media.

Sony allegedly did not want him to have as much power as he had in the industry. MJ had outsmarted them and ultimately owning such a huge stake in their music catalogue, which is the bread, butter and bargaining power for any record label. We’re not sure who was behind this alleged 200,000 offer to the Jackson’s cousin, but it’s definitely believable.

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