John “James Evans” Amos Has New Unexpected Career No One Ever Thought He’d Have

Posted On : October 21, 2017

John Amos a.k.a. “James Evans” from Good Times, played a daddy who loved his kids unconditionally. But “James” wouldn’t hesitate to beat his kids’ behinds -or anybody else’s who messed with them- at the drop of a dime if he had to. However, in real life, he’s a much more gentle soul, but still has a very dominating presence, both as a father and an actor.

His New Career

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44 years ago today, "Good Times" premiered on CBS. (February 8, 1974)

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The gentler side of Amos is now coming to light with his new passion that centers around young children’s imagination and learning. He’s released his first ever children’s book, titled “A World With No Color.” Nope, this is not a typo, “James Evans”/”Kunta Kinte” is now a kids book author. How dope is THAT?

In an interview on ‘Sway in the Morning,’ John Amos explained how his new book was inspired by the unfortunate division of today’s times. (He talks about it at the 14:25 mark of the video):

“Let’s face it, our planet, or at least the United States, is being confronted with divisiveness, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the ‘40s and another generation coming along, not knowing the history of our country, and not knowing whats being lost with this divisiveness, is unacceptable. I always aspired to be a cartoonist long before I became a writer.”

In a prior interview, Amos explained that “A World Without Color” will focus on teaching children about unity:

“Children aren’t born racist or discriminatory. […] They have to be raised that way. This book delivers a somewhat subtle message about diversity.”

In addition to his children’s book, Amos is also targeting the 5 to 10 year old demographic from another angle, he’ll co-star alongside actress, Loretta Devine, as one of the voices of the upcoming Youtube animated series kids series, titled, Nubbin & Friends.

Ain’t that something? From “James Evans,” to “Kunta Kinte,” to the daddy in Coming To America, to West Wing, and now kids author and entertainer, this 77 year old isn’t slowing down one bit. That’s not all though, John also touched on a possible Coming To America sequel…

Amos’ “Coming To America” Sequel Reveal

Amos: “Well, they are talking about the sequel, they are talking about a Coming To America 2, I am hopeful that I get a chance to work with one of the greatest comedic icons of our generation, maybe of all time, Eddie Murphy. It’s a joy when you go to work, you get up, and you’re looking forward to getting to the studio because you know you are gonna spend the day laughing, no matter what, it could be a funeral scene but you’re gonna laugh anyway, Eddie’s got that kind of gift.” -via Sway in the Morning

Amos Reveals Which Current TV Shows He’d LOVE To Star In

In a prior interview with Atlanta Journal Constitution, John revealed the shows he would love to be a part of and we would LOVE to see him on them. See what they are below:

Via AJC: He’d love to share a stage with Matthew McConaughey or Idris Elba. “You don’t retire in my position,” he said. “You just fail to show up to work one day. I still receive offers to do guest shots. I’d love to do ‘Power’ on Starz. Or ‘Empire.’ I’d like to play a bad guy. I like playing bad guys. I’ve played a lot of lovable dads in my time.”

I would definitely love to see John Amos in Power or Empire. He’d KILL IT as, say, “Ghost’s” long lost villainous OG daddy. Or maybe as “Lucious Lyon’s” music mogul rival- kinda like a thugged out Berry Gordy. Listen, I’m no screenwriter, but ya’ll get what I’m saying. At any rate, it’s great seeing John Amos looking healthy and happy at 78 years young.

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