SMH, After Blaming SON, Gospel Singer John P. Kee Now TEARFULLY APOLOGIZING

Posted On : December 23, 2016

Gospel singer/pastor, John P. Kee, recently reached out to his son, Christopher Kee, via Facebook. He needed to apologize for an accusation that pretty much set their father/son relationship on thin ice.


Obviously, this was eating away at Pastor Kee throughout the night. He felt compelled to Facebook Live his remorse and apology for accusing his son of being a thief.

So, What’s the Story?

screen-shot-2016-12-23-at-12-40-05-pmWell, Pastor Kee purchased a studio called the “Phat Haus” approximately 30 years ago.

Inside the studio, there was a gang of musical equipment.

And, one day — “about eight years ago,” a lot of the equipment went “missing.”

According to Kee, he accused Chris (pictured above and below) of stealing it to use for his own purposes.

See why Pastor John P Kee goes into tears apologizing to oldest son - Chris Kee

While he was sure another son, Justin, didn’t take the equipment, he did think Justin might have been in on the heist in some way.

Pastor Kee thought his own sons turned against him and took from him.

However, it call came crashing back to the surface when the equipment appeared in an unlikely way.

You can watch Pastor Kee’s heart-felt apology in the video below.

Empty Cases

As Pastor Kee explains, he wasn’t used to seeing his musicians carry bare keyboards without cases.

So, he found supposedly-empty cases at the Phat Haus, in storage. He felt his musicians could use them for their boards.

However, when they opened the cases, there was no room.

All of the equipment Pastor Kee had accused Chris of stealing was staring him in the face.

It brought him to tears.

Screen Shot 2016-12-23 at 1.06.29 PM

Public Response

Although Pastor John P. Kee was wrong as hell for falsely accusing his son and straining their relationship for EIGHT years over it, he still manned up about his situation. And from the video’s comments, you can see that the majority of the responses are positive, giving praise to Pastor Kee for his public apology.

He could’ve easily passed it as “water under the bridge,” but at least he confessed to his wrong-doing. Now whether or not his son, Chris, will forgive him- that’a a whole ‘nother story. Chris moved on a long time ago…

Via Chris’ Instagram and Twitter, he has yet to respond.

Yet, Pastor Kee mentioned in the video that he knows Chris was watching and wants to reconnect.

He says that he has to make it up to Chris in a big way. He also apologized to Justin for thinking he was involved somehow.

If you don’t know, Christopher Kee used to be Pastor Kee’s drummer, even on previous albums, HOWEVER…

After the fallout, Chris branched off and started playing for other well known artists, including Anthony Hamilton and Andra Day.


Nevertheless, what are your thoughts regarding Pastor Kee’s apology? Too little, too late? Or right on time? Feel free to share your thoughts with us on this one ILOSM fam.’

[Featured Image via Facebook]

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