(VIDEO) Johnny Gill Says: “I Can Whip Any Of These M’fers Out Here!”

Posted On : January 6, 2015
(Photo by Mark Sullivan/WireImage)
(Photo by Mark Sullivan/WireImage)

Johnny Gill was at an event for New York City’s WBLS Radio recently. He took the microphone and just went there – all the way there. He broke it down while being on stage in the middle of his show. He starts off explaining his 31 years in the music business. “When you been in it as long as I have, we are not celebrated. Using this little phrase called “old school”. We are not celebrated. In fact, we’re penalized,” says Gill. It’s been said many times that record companies want to focus on youthful acts and once an artist gets to a certain age, they kick them out with the bath water. For us at I Love Old School Music, veterans like Johnny Gill deserve our ears, hearts, eyes and support. But here’s where he gets really deep…