K. Michelle Isn’t Here For The Backlash Over Her New ‘Kim Kardashian’ Song

Posted On : December 6, 2017
K. Michelle

K. Michelle always manages to capture the attention of fans when she drops a record. But this time around, the reaction isn’t so positive. Apparently, she’s received mixed reactions to her new song, “Kim K.” After listening to the song, many Kardashian fans believed K. Michelle was attempting to shade the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, reports EurWeb. However, she insists that’s definitely not the case. Now, she’s responding to all of the backlash.

Twitter Clap Back:

On Monday, December 4, K. Michelle took to Twitter with a series of tweets clapping back at everyone accusing her of shading Kim Kardashian. The singer blasted media outlets for categorizing her song as “messy.” “I see some blogs trying to make My song ‘Kim K’ messy, lord if u only knew how fly I think she is!” she wrote. “The statement behind the song is black women are rarely given credit for our cultural trends and flyness. Truths can be spoken without a shade tree behind them. For ages, Black women have been taught by society that our image isn’t good enough for mainstream or that we need to make changes. I believed them and made those SOME of those changes, only 2 regret it.”

Check out all of the tweets:

The Meaning Of The Song:

The Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart singer went on to share details about the meaning of the new song. She urged people not to “shoot the messenger” but insisted she “just writes life.” In the tweets, she defended the song with a deeper argument. “I remember being told that I couldn’t wear braids by my Caucasian vocal coach to talent shows because I wouldn’t win because it wasn’t a polished look!”

Despite the backlash, there are some people who see the song for what it is: a creative effort about appropriating black culture. But what do you think about the song, Kim K.”? Check it out and share your thoughts.

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