Keke Wyatt Shares Photo Of Her Breastfeeding New Baby w/Her New Body & Fans Flip Out

Posted On : November 30, 2017

Singer, Keke Wyatt, has been known as many things. She’s known as a SANGIN’ somebody; a sometimes emotional wife to her husband, Michael Ford; and after giving birth to her 8th biological child (she and Michael have 9, including Keke’sstepchild), she has officially become known as the ‘snap-back QUEEN!

For the past few years now, we’ve seen the ending results of Keke birthing a few of her kids, and each time her post-baby body was the talk of the internet. Today is no different, except this time, Keke has people talking not just about her incredible snap-back, but also her decision to show herself glamm’d up and breast feeding her adorable little mini-me.

Keke’s Breastfeeding Photo That’s Causing A Frenzy

Keke gave birth to her and Michael’s baby a few weeks ago and this time she’s probably had her quickest post-baby weight loss yet. When she posted a breastfeeding photo of her baby latched on to her breast, fans quickly realized just how FINE Keke was so soon after giving birth. That’s when they proceeded to debate about plastic surgery and photoshop.

It didn’t stop there though, there were several other fans who then debated about whether or not Keke should be so forthright with displaying herself and her breast as she breastfeeds- a topic that is oftentimes a sensitive matter.

Here’s my take on this whole Keke debate:

1. Keke’ expedited snap-back: Could it be a little nip and tuck? Maybe, maybe not. Could it also be due to the stress of the highly emotional divorce she and Michael are currently going through? Maybe, maybe not. Is it the result of exercise and eating right? Maybe, maybe not. Point is- who cares? Yeah, we see celebs snap back all the time and the next minute they’re looking like, ‘New mommy where?!!’ And in some cases, of course they’re hiding what they really did to achieve such results so quickly. But as long as they can still grace fans wth the gift they were blessed with, that’s all that pretty much matters. Moving on…

2. Keke’s breastfeeding photo: Should Keke have shared a pic of her bare-breasted glory? I think that’s up for debate. Breastfeeding is natural, true, but some would argue that urinating is also natural, yet no one shares photos of their mini-me’s doing so in public. So again, I think the breastfeeding-in-public/on social media-debate is really an individual call that every woman should have the right to make for herself, without being judged for it.

Talk to us and tell us how you feel about this though ILOSM fam’.

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