Keke Wyatt’s Mother &Aunt Show Their Shaved Heads For Keke’s Cancer Stricken Child

Posted On : June 29, 2017

Keke Wyatt and her mother, Lorna

As many R&B fans continue to keep Keke Wyatt and her child in their prayers, she and her family have been doing everything they can to uplift her child’s spirits.

In case you missed our previous report, on Saturday (6/24/17) Keke took to Instagram and made a heart-wrenching announcement that one of her nine children had just lost their hair due to cancer. She also revealed that her child had been privately battling the disease for a long while and up until now, she’d decided to keep that info from her fans, understandably so.

She then did a very beautiful thing to stand in solidarity with her child and that was shaving her head on Instagram live later that evening. Keke received a lot of prayers and support as fans watched for about 30 minutes as her brother, Keever Wyatt, proceeded to cut and shave Keke’s head.

Now, Keke’s and Keever’s mother, Lorna Wyatt, has just followed in her daughter’s footsteps to also help to uplift her grandbaby as he/she continues to fight a good fight of battling cancer at such a young age. Keke’s aunt, Michell Moore also shaved her head to support Keke’s child. Here is what Keke just posted to Instagram, debuting her mother’s  and aunt’s shaved heads…

Keke Wyatt’s Mother, Lorna…

Keke Wyatt’s Aunt Michell…

In addition to the Wyatt ladies shaving their heads for Keke’s child, Keke is also asking her fans to donate to (Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta), which is where her child is receiving cancer treatment. The donations will help the cancer organization continue their research in funding and curing child cancer.

Keke and Michael with some of their nine children

This is a tough one ILOSM fam,’ it’s always extremely sad to watch a young child have to fight such a dangerous illness. One thing’s for sure though, Keke’s and Michael’s kid has a ton of support around them and a whole lotta love to see them through this illness. We’ll continue to send prayers up and positive energy to Keke, her husband, Michael Ford, and their wonderful child  and family at this time.

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