Kim Wayans Is In An Interracial Marriage, Explains Why She Does NOT Want Kids

Posted On : August 12, 2016

Many folks didn’t even know Kim Wayans was married, and I’m sure many more don’t know that she’s married to a white man! But it shouldn’t come as a shock because many of the Wayans have married interracially. In the African American culture, many of us are still shocked many times when we hear of interracial dating or marriages from folks that we can “identify” with more than those we cannot. Kim Wayans is the “round the way girl” who grew up in the projects and came from very meager beginnings, so some folks still clutch their pearls at the thought of interracial marriages or dating.

Married Almost 15 Years! Why Doesn't She Want Kids?


Well, old schoolers, Kim Wayans has been married almost 15 years to Kevin Knotts. Check out pics and why Kim says she won't have any kids!
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