LAST Photo Charlie Murphy’s Revealed & His Chilling Last Tweet Goes Viral On Social Media

Posted On : April 14, 2017

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Charlie Murphy’s death came as a shock to many fans. Although reports have revealed the famed comedian had been battling leukemia for quite some time, he was adamant about keeping his personal life separate from his career, which is why very few people knew about his ailing health.┬áNow, Charlie’s final photo is circulating on social media and it only confirms just how ill he was during his final days. But, even with his ailing health, he was gracious enough to offer a moment of his time to speak with an adoring fan.

Spotted in Dallas:

According to TMZ, Charlie’s last photo was taken on March 11 less than one month before his death. A fan named Michael Brodie spotted Charlie at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and like most fans, he didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to meet a celebrity he admired. So, he approached Charlie and asked for a photo as he was preparing to board a plane to Newark, New Jersey. Michael revealed Charlie was quite pleasant and didn’t mind accommodating. At the time, Charlie was reportedly in and out of hospitals undergoing chemotherapy as he quietly battled with leukemia.

Check out the photo:

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Charlie’s Parting Words:

The day before Charlie died, he took to Twitter with a meaningful message to his fans. The words he tweeted were powerful, but no one probably realized just how profound his statement was until the next day when he died. Charlie tweeted, “One to Sleep On: Release the past to rest as deeply as possible.”

The meticulously worded quote now speaks volumes and has gone viral. The powerful tweet has been retweeted more than 69,000 times. Although he’s no longer with us, Charlie’s legacy will definitely live on and he’ll still be making people laugh for many years to come. Rest in Power Charlie Murphy!

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