Media Says Last Portrait Photos Of Ali Are “HAUNTING”, We Say, Beautiful!

Posted On : June 6, 2016

The last portrait of Muhammad Ali has been described as “Haunting“. As I scrolled thru the very bold and striking images, my mouth dropped. There are many things in life that I’ve seen that have given me chills, and I can say that these images did just that. But for me, and the staff here at ILOSM, we saw absolute beauty.

In the images, I’ve seen that “look” before, in the elderly of family members who have passed away, and in my opinion, it’s the look of life fulfilled. Muhammad Ali, born Cassius Clay has the face, skin, and most striking, the eyes of a man that has lived the life of one thousand men. We hope that you enjoy these images taken by British photographer, Zenon Texeira was invited into Ali’s home in Phoenix, Arizona, at the end of March with the blessing of the former world champion’s family.

Last Portrait Photos Taken Of Muhammad Ali


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Rest in peace Champ.








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