Lauryn Hill & Rohan Marley Reunite For Quality Time w/Their Growing Grandbaby!

Posted On : July 7, 2017
Throwback photo of Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley

Lauryn Hill, 42, and her ex, Rohan Marley, 45, (son of the iconic Bob Marley), were together for 15 years strong. Although they’re relationship didn’t last, they still have a great friendship. That’s a beautiful thing, especially since they have five wonderful kids they’re co-parenting together. Lauryn also has her sixth child- 5 year old son, Micah- with an unnamed father. Rohan has two adult children from his previous marriage as well.

It’s Lauryn’s and Rohan’s precious grandbaby who’s grabbing all of the attention in this article though. As we previously reported, Lauryn’s and Rohan’s eldest child (together), Zion Marley, had his baby boy, Zeph Marley, in February 2017. Based on the recent pics that surfaced of the Hill-Marley bunch, it’s clear to see that lil’ Zeph is grabbing most of the attention within his family too.

Check out how the two exes linked up to celebrate their grandson…nope it wasn’t Zeph’s birthday, nor anything of the sort. Hill and Marley just did what many grandparents do- celebrated their grandbaby and shower him with love simply because they’re proud to be Zeph’s grandparents…

Lauryn Hill and Rohan Marley come together for their grandbaby, Zeph Marley

Lauryn also had some alone time with Zeph below…

And so did Rohan…

Zion Is An Extremely Proud Pops

Zion with his son, Zeph


Zion and Zeph with Zion’s brother, Nico Marley (Rohan’s son)

Meet Zeph’s Proud Mother

Zion posted this message of praise and gratitude and about the beautiful mother of his son:

@ziontrainmarley: Another super strong woman in my life right here! Zephaniah’s mother.. Thank you for bearing him and putting up w everything I put you thru.. idk how you do it but you deserve all the love and all the respect.. you are a WARRIOR bringing in little “Zeph Curry” #LIFE #LOVE

We Are Family!

Since we’re on the topic, we can’t forget about all SIX of Lauryn’s kids- Micah Hill; and Zion, Selah, John, Joshua, and Sarah Marley. So here they are in a happy family photo (minus Zion), with a whole lot of musical legacy pumping through the veins of each of ’em. Gotta luv it…

And last but not least, we must end this with the 1998 joint that was dedicated to Lauryn’s first born and touched the lives of many, “Zion”…

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