Geesh! Did You See How BIG Keke Wyatt’s Butt Is In Her Latest Interview?

Posted On : January 16, 2016

On yesterday, we posted a story on Keke Wyatt and the real reason she says R&B Divas Atlanta was canceled, but we couldn’t help but notice that Keke was adamant about showing off her butt!  The interviewer didn’t ask to see her butt, he didn’t suggest that she has a big butt, she just out of the blue said, “Do you want to see my butt?”

Keke Wyatt showing off her butt! (Watch the video….this picture doesn’t reflect what it really looks like).

He didn’t refuse, and over here, we didn’t grab our collars and gasp for air. We watched, (like 5 times), and thought that she must be proud of her body because after having 8 babies, she is still looking great…Stand Up Old Schoolers! Check out the short clip below and see for yourself!

Your thoughts old schoolers?!?!?

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