Empire’s LeeDaniels Tells Why He Wanted To Die, Purposely TRIED To Contract AIDS

Posted On : April 4, 2017

Lee Daniels

Today, Lee Daniels is a super successful television producer and director. Not to mention he’s the creator of one of the most fire shows on primetime TV. Unfortunately, life wasn’t always as gratifying as it may seem for the brotha now. Like most people, Daniels faced many struggles throughout his journey to stardom. His humble beginnings weren’t a walk in the park. During a recent interview with Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film & TV, he shared graphic details about the dark times in his life, according to Entertainment Tonight.

In A Dark Place:

At one point, Lee Daniels, now an openly gay man, had become tired of dealing with the pitfalls and challenges of life. He revealed a number of his closest friends had died following complications of the AIDS virus and he’d become paranoid and overwhelmed with the circumstances he’d been faced with. As a result of his depressive state, he started self-medicating with drugs and was ready to just check out…permanently. On top of that, he revealed why he purposely tried to contract AIDS:

“It (AIDS) wiped away all of my friends. I had no friends.” he said. “It hit the community hard. It was terrifying, because we never knew whether you could drink from glasses or what it was. It was the most terrifying thing ever. And I didn’t understand why it was that I wasn’t [dead], because there were far better souls than me that were going. I thought that I needed to go. And so I descended into drugs and into sexual bathhouses to die. That I don’t have AIDS is a miracle from God. I don’t understand it. I really don’t understand it. Because I should have had HIV. Everybody else did.”

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 6.54.33 PM

No Hope For A Future:

Growing up, Lee didn’t exactly have dreams of making it big. Despite being the son of a Philly police officer, Lee actually thought he’d become another statistic and end up dead or in jail. “I thought I was going to end up like most of my friends, in jail,” Daniels said. “That was the way the world was for me. I didn’t think I was going to die, but I imagined myself in jail. And when you have to steal to eat, yeah, I thought I was definitely going to — I mean, that was just the norm.”


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