Lena Horne CONFESSED TRUTH About How She Used Her White Husband

Posted On : May 30, 2015

FB4 lena and hubby

We wanted to feature this story because we think that we can learn something from it. You see, our beloved Lena Horne was known to be a very dedicated civil rights activist who spoke out against injustices against minorities that she herself often experienced, an actress and singer who paved the way for many other African American entertainers to follow in her footsteps. That’s partly why some of her fans were confused when she married her Caucasian husband, Lennie Hayton, back in the day.

Ms. Horne later did an interview in 1980 where she publicly admitted a harsh, honest, shocking truth about why she married music composer, Lennie. They were secretly married in 1947 up until his death in 1971.

The shocking revelation that Lena revealed to both Time Magazine and Ebony is that she never…

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