Lionel Richie Possibly About To Get Major $$ From New Gig Many Celebs Wish For

Posted On : June 25, 2017

Word on the Old School curb is that Lionel Richie is about to say “Hello” to FAT check to add to the rest of his multimillion dollar stack. It’s just been reported that Richie met with American Idol execs to possibly become the new judge they’re looking for.

Apparently during his meeting the other day, they hit it off well because they ended up choppin’ it up for a full 2 hours.

Word is also floating around that the execs reportedly loved Richie’s vibe and think he’ll be a ‘nice judge.’ The whole ‘nice judge’ concept falls right in line with the American Idol brand…just as long as they don’t forget to throw in a ‘Simon Cowell’ type judge too- that classic good guy/bad guy contrast is what made the show in my opinion.

And besides, Idol already has pop singer, Katy Perry, confirmed as a judge for their upcoming reboot. Katy does have a history of telling it like it is and she isn’t afraid to play the ‘bad girl’ role, however, it’s been reported that she will be a “nice judge” on there as well.

Hopefully we’ll be seeing one of our favorite R&B icons on American Idol this year though. That’ll be a good look for Richie and that payday will probably be enough to make him wanna ‘dance on the ceiling’ no doubt. From The Commodores to contest shows decades later, Lionel Richie is proving to unstoppable. Do your thing Richie, we see you!


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