Listen To Tommy Speak Of His Own Death In His LAST Interview, So Sad

Posted On : October 15, 2016

The late “Martin” star, Tommy Ford, departed this earth on Wednesday (10-12-16), and as his family and fans continue to mourn his death, we all may find some comfort in the midst of our sadness after listening to what Tommy said about his own passing in his very last interview.


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It’s sad that he even had to consider his death at such a young age (52), but Tommy seemed to be a realist and was okay with looking at the unfortunate fact that not many “Black men live to be 102,” as he stated. But it’s still very eery to know that he almost seemed to be expecting his death to happen soon and lo and behold, what you are about to hear is his last opportunity to do an interview, which was with Xcellence Community Magazine founder, Dr. Angella Banks. TMZ obtained a copy of Tommy’s interview, check it out below…

Tommy seemed at peace with dying so young and that is the part what we sincerely hope brings at least some comfort to his children and his loved ones during their extreme grief at this time.
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Tommy always jokingly said “I got a job dawg!” because he said so many fans always asked him something about having a job, because of his character on “Martin.” But Tommy never seemed to mind that comparison and that’s a beautiful thing.
tommy and martin job

Well now Tommy’s job here is done and an excellent job it was indeed…not just with his acting career, but with his role as a father; a man who lived by his personal morals, never compromising them for anyone; and as his close friend Martin Lawrence said, “Tommy was a great man and friend…who always brought his positive attitude and so much joy” everywhere he touched down. Tommy Mykal Ford rest easy King.



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