LoveJones Actress Reveals Serious Condition That Ruined Her Life & Career

Posted On : December 23, 2015

fb lisaRemember actress, Lisa Nicole Carson? She has had a very successful acting career, not only as “Josie” who was “Nina’s” (Nia Long) best friend in the 90’s classic, Love Jones, but also on hit TV series, including ER, Ally McBeal and others, as well as in films such as Eve’s Bayou and Jason’s Lyric and more. Lisa’s most challenging role to date has probably been her real life role of becoming an overcomer and a survivor.
lisa and nia in love jonesAfter years of hearing rumors about Lisa being very temperamental and difficult to work with at times, she has recently decided to speak out about a mental condition that she eventually learned was the root to her behavioral outbursts in Hollywood. Lisa learned that she is bipolar and that is why her career has suffered over the past decade. This was the last thing Lisa was expecting to hear from her doc, so it kind of slapped her across the head like a sack of bricks when she found out, but she is grateful that she was able to get answers about behaviors that she simply could not understand at that time.
1EAB14FEHere’s what Lisa recently revealed to People Magazine:

In this week’s PEOPLE, Carson, 46, speaks in depth for the first time about the bipolar diagnosis that nearly shattered her life and career. “From the time I stepped away from show business [in 2001] until now, I’ve been on a long, very complicated and challenging journey,” says Carson. “I didn’t know if I was going to make it out.”

“I don’t really have an option to be silent about my illness, although I wanted to be for many years,” Carson reveals. “But since I had a public breakdown, it’s something I felt I had to address.”

She is now living quietly in Hollywood, where she hopes to relaunch her acting career.

See her interview below:

Lisa is an extremely talented actress, so we really do hope that she can successfully rebuild her career soon. We also salute her for being so honest about her condition that silently affects millions of people. Bipolar disorder is not something to be ashamed of and if more people like Lisa continue to bring awareness to it, more people afflicted by the condition will learn to seek the proper help and medical attention that they deserve. So we’re giving an Old school hi-five and fist bump to our girl, Lisa Nicole Carson!

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