Madonna Reportedly Slammed Whitney Houston In Handwritten Letter

Posted On : July 14, 2017

Another hand written note strikes again and it involves Madonna again. This time, the “Material Girl” is the author of the letter and not the receiver. In the letter, Madonna takes shots at the late, great Whitney Houston, and actress, Sharon Stone.

Madonna Slams Whitney And Sharon Stone:

According to The Grio, a personal handwritten letter by Madonna has surfaced and it may ruffle a few feathers. The letter reportedly is addressed to someone named “J.” Many people believe that the ‘J’ stands for John Enos, a man that Madonna dated for a short time. It appears that in the letter, Madonna is informing “J” that they couldn’t be together, however, there are parts of the letter where Madonna takes shots at A-list celebrities, Whitney Houston and Sharon StoneThe bidding for the letter is expected to begin at $1,000, with the ultimate price tag estimated to be around $5,000 when the bidding is all said and done.

John Enos and Madonna once dated.

In the letter, Madonna allegedly said the following:

I have made so many people angry that I’m being punished and basically being made to be quiet and sit in a corner while other less interesting [and] exciting people are reaping the benefits of the road I’ve paid, she wrote, adding, It’s so unequivicably [sic] frustrating to read that Whitney Houston has the music career I wish I had and Sharon Stone has the film career I’ll never have. She continued, Not because I want to be those women, because I’d rather die but they’re so horribly mediocre and they’re always being held up as paragons of virtue and some sort of measuring stick to humiliate me.

If that letter is the real deal, then Madonna was envy levels were on 10! Both Madonna and Houston rose to superstardom in the mid-1980s, each racking up hit single, after hit single. At the time of Whitney’s tragic death, Madonna took to The Sun to pay homage to Whitney and Amy Whinehouse as they were both talented singers that succumbed to drug abuse.

Madonna told The Sun: “One thing I was struck by with Whitney Houston is I remember she sort of came out as a singer around the same time I did. I remember looking at her singing and hearing people talk about her, and just thinking, ‘Oh my God. She’s such a beautiful woman and my God, what an incredible voice. I wish I could sing like that’. I just remember being extremely envious of her and also touched by her innocence.I was watching a documentary about Serge Gainsbourg, the French songwriter, and there’s a famous talk show he did that happened a while back when Whitney was just starting. It was funny, because I’d just watched it the week before she died, where he was making a kind of play for her on national television and he was basically saying in French that he wanted to  f*ck her — and the look of shock on her face…”

This is not the first time that Madonna has been involved in a handwritten letter scandal. Just last week, a handwritten letter from Tupac to Madonna emerged, where the rapper poured out his heart to the singer in an extremely revealing letter he wrote in jail. However, in the note, ‘Pac broke up with Madonna because she was white and it would let down his fans. That letter will also go up for auction July 19-28 at ‘Gotta Have Rock and Roll.’ Starting bid is $100k and it’s expected to fetch a lot more. Dayumn!!!

It seems like every week someone is exposing Madonna through handwritten letters lately.  Guess I’ll be be sitting back with my popcorn, waiting for next week to see who Madonna wrote to next! Not sure if Madonna pissed off somebody in her camp and this their payback to her. But whomever is releasing these incriminating tidbits of info, is letting ‘Ms. Material Girl’ have it so far.

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