Many Are Surprised By The Woman Jackie Jackson’s Son Just Married, Here’s Why…

Posted On : November 2, 2017
Jackie Jackson and son, Siggy

Jackie Jackson is a music icon who, along with his infamous Jackson siblings, has always been the talk of the town. This time though, it’s his son whom we wanna shed some light on. Sigmund Esco Jackson, Jr.- yep that’s also his pops’ real name- is the 41 year old son of Jackie. He also goes by the names, Dealz and/or Siggy. Anywho, for those who aren’t really up on everything the Jackson family does, Siggy and Jackie share a really tight bond. Siggy was also very close with his uncle Michael, just as he still is with MJ’s kids and the rest of his family.

Speaking of MJ’s babies, two of them- Paris and Prince- recently participated in Siggy’s and his beautiful wife’s September 2017 wedding. Before we get into why folks are surprised by the newlyweds, we wanna send a big congratulations to Siggy and his new bride, who now has a name similar to her new aunt-in-law, Toyia L. Jackson…

Why Many Are Surprised By Jackie’s New Daughter-In-Law

Now, here’s the thing about Toyia that caught our attention, as it did many others. People are very surprised to see that Siggy has done something that most of his Jackson family are not currently doing- he married an African American person.

Dreams do come true. I know it because I wake up next to you @officialsiggyjackson

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Yep, you read that right, a Jackson actually married and has kids with a Black woman. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be a big deal, but c’mon now, we all know that is a rarity in the Jackson fam.’ That’s not a diss by any means, just the truth. Although Jackie’s late ex-wife (Siggy’s mother), Enid Jackson, was African American, that was long ago in the 1970’s and 80’s. But in recent years, that’s changed and he’s now happily married to his Caucasian wife, Emily…

My #wcw with her bridesmaids

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Of course there is absolutely nothing wrong with interracial marriages whatsoever, because love is love. However, the reason Toyia and Siggy have people looking at them and saying, “Whaaaaaat?!!,” is because the Jackson fam’ is huge, but we can probably only count on one hand how many of them are actually currently married to/dating people who look like them.

#carpoolkaraoke with @officialsiggyjackson

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Counter clockwise: Paris Jackson, Toyia L. Jackson, Siggy, Rebbie, Jackie, and Katherine Jackson on Siggy’s and Toyia’s wedding day

Meet Their Kids

As it stands right now, Siggy is apparently the only second generation Jackson who is actually married to/dating, a Black person. The husband of Rebbie’s 40 year old daughter, Stacee, is of Hungarian decent. MJ’s son and daughter both have been in serious relationships with Caucasian boyfriends/girlfriends. All of Tito’s three sons are married to women of another race. And the list goes on, in regards to the other Jackson offspring.

Love Is Love

So when we see Siggy and his bride, Toyia, the surprise is understandable in context of their family’s dynamic. But again, love is love and whoever makes one happy, is who they should be with…as long as their decision is based on pure love and not based off of a deeply embedded psychological/societal brainwashing that manifested into self-hate. Congrats again to the Jackson couple.

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