Many Shocked That Singer, Joe, Dating Celeb w/Controversial Past? See Who

Posted On : April 8, 2016


Remember “I Wanna Know” crooner, Joe a.k.a. Joe Thomas? Back in the day he had all of  singing the lyrics “I wanna know what turns you o-onnn, so I could be all that and mo-o-o-o-oooore…I’d like to know what makes you cry-yyyy, so I can be the one who always makes you smile.” Excuse me, I got carried away for a minute, that was the jam back in the day.

Anyways, nowadays Joe has some of his fans caught off guard, after they’ve put two and two together and realized that he’s probably dating a celebrity who has racked up her fair share of controversy in the dating department. Check out the gallery below and see what all of the talk is all about…


Rocsi's been known to date several entertainers -from actors, to singers, to rappers, to athletes. She's dated young and old, including Eddie Murphy, Bruno Mars, Terrance J, 50Cent and many more...including Lisa Raye's then husband/former First Premier of Turks & Caicos, Michael Misick. Lisa Raye also publicly blasted Rocsi for allegedly sleeping with her then-husband while they were still together. We'll get into that in a minute though. Nowadays Rocsi's allegedly dating Joe. We say allegedly, because they never officially confirmed it. It seems Rocsi is an aggressive dater and things between she and Joe are possibly turning up. Check this out.>>>

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