Mariah Carey’s New Billion $ Boyfriend Paying Her 6 Figures To Do WHAT?

Posted On : October 12, 2015

fb mariahMariah Carey (45) is already is earning major dough with her current Las Vegas gig at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace, where she’s currently residing and has been performing regularly every week.

Mariah Carey and her boyfriend, James Packer
Mariah Carey and her boyfriend, James Packer

Word on the Old School now is that her new billionaire boyfriend, James Packer (48), is paying Ms. ‘Butterfly’ a whopping high end six figures to do what she does best- sing. Except she won’t be singing just at any old gig, she will be singing for just one night (yep he’s paying her 6 figures for just one performance) at the grand opening of Packer’s new casino, Studio City, which is located in a region of China known as Macau on October 27th. Her boyfriend is owns a share of the casino/hotel resort and he, along with his partners, are hoping that Mariah’s powerful one-night-only performance will attract the people of China back to the gambling tables.

Mariah Carey's boyfriend's new casino/hotel resort
Mariah Carey’s boyfriend’s new casino/hotel resort

Mariah Carey and James Packer in Ibiza Although Mariah has been seen all over world on expensive vacations cuddled up with her new man, after separating from her husband, actor Nick Cannon, she still is about her business and is even making sure that her new bae’ pays up, if he wants her voice to grace his venue. Go ‘head Mariah! Ain’t nothing free, get your paper for you and “‘dem babies” (as Mariah affectionately calls her twins)…we ain’t mad at ya!’

Speaking of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s adorable twins, hit the ‘next’ button to see how big they are now…

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