Mariah Carey’s Sister Puts Her On Blast, Then Begs For Help!

Posted On : November 22, 2015

fb mariah carey and sisterSo we know the headline to this story is a little weird, but so is Mariah Carey’s sister’s story. First of all, who knew Mariah Carey actually had a sister? I know this was news to me, up until a few years ago when her sister, Alison Carey, spoke out publicly against her little sister’s treatment of her, and lo and behold Alison spoke out again in the beginning of this year about the same thing.
mariah carey sister mugshotJust in case you missed it, we wanted to do a re-cap of what went down with Mariah’s big sis,’ who has admittedly had a history of run-ins with the law for alleged prostitution, and a history of drug addiction in the past.

As you have probably already guessed, Alison’s claims are negative, as is oftentimes the case when close relatives of super successful celebs decide to speak out about them.

Mariah Carey with her sister, Alison at Mariah's 1993 wedding
Mariah Carey with her sister, Alison at Mariah’s 1993 wedding

Alison’s claims range from Mariah not giving her money so she won’t wind up on the streets, to Mariah shutting her out of her life and not allowing her to meet her niece and nephew, Morroccan and Monroe.

Then a few months ago she spoke for the third time pleading for Mariah to come save her and get her out! Out of where you ask? See these wild details on the next that Alison revealed via Star Magazine and RadarOnline …

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