Mariah’s Team Calls Fiance’s PRENUP “TACKY & INSULTING” & We Can See Why!

Posted On : November 5, 2016

As Mariah’s Carey’s engagement to her billionaire boo, James Packer, seems to still have less of a survival chance than an ice cube in hell, details of their behind-the-scenes turbulence continue to surface by both Mariah’s and James’ camps.

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Now the demands of the pre-nup James and his legal team reportedly tried to get Mariah to sign (which she rejected) have come out and according to TMZ, that paperwork was jacked up!

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The pre-nuptial agreement allegedly made Ms. Carey seem less like the pop superstar James Packer wanted to spend the rest of his life with, and more like a very high end, yet respectable work-for-hire-escort, or woman-of-the-night if you will. Just think Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” being paid, clothed, and accommodated by Richard Gere for her time and uh…services…

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That, in my opinion, sums up this pre-nup, thank goodness the relationship collapsed before Mariah signed anything like this because it looks like James was gonna be in full control of this situation:



Via TMZ: Mariah Carey and James Packer were negotiating one of the most insane prenups we’ve ever seen[…] We know the negotiations blew up. We’re told Mariah’s people got the draft from Packer’s exec, Robert Rankin, and rejected it as “tacky and insulting.”

Among the conditions … “Except for gifts between them for their engagement, wedding or on birthdays and anniversaries, no item of jewelry and/or personal adornment costing over $250,000 will be deemed a gift unless accompanied by, or promptly followed by, a writing specifically stating ‘This is my gift to you.'”

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It goes on … James agreed to purchase certain clothing for Mariah but there’s a blank space for them to agree upon a maximum amount he has to shell out. It states … the clothing is not to be used for business or performing and “Mariah shall provide all clothing for her children.”

And there’s this … “James shall cause a credit card(s) to be issued for use by Mariah and staff … the amount of expenses … shall not exceed US $____ per calendar month.” The amount was blank. The prenup continues … “James shall provide the use of one private aircraft, of his selection, for Mariah’s personal use, or that of her children and nannies only when James, in his sole discretion, determines it is appropriate to do so.”

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The central reason why negotiations blew up … the provision that said “James will pay Mariah, and Mariah shall accept, $6 million dollars per year for each full year of marriage, up to a maximum of $30 million … adjusted pro-rata on a weekly basis [$151,385 per week].” Our Mariah sources say she rejected the dollar amount and claims James agreed to a $50 million lump sum if the marriage failed.

Ya’ gotta love these pop-star, ‘Hollywood’ type marriages- sometimes the legalities of their love is just as entertaining as their craft is to watch.

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In the meantime Mariah’s ex-hubby, Nick Cannon, tried to explain how Mariah’s been holding up through this whole ordeal and he basically talked all around the topic of her current divorce drama, but here it is if you wanna check it out:

Via Extra: When asked if he has spoken to her since the news of her breakup with Packer, Cannon said,”Yea. It’s all love. You know how that is. I think the media comes up with all this speculation and stuff, but everybody is keeping it moving… that’s what it’s all about.”

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Though Carey is making headlines for her broken engagement, Cannon is no stranger to being part of the news cycle. He said, “Man, you know how it goes. It’s just like it’s something new everyday. The news cycle is always something for some reason, I’m constantly in it. It doesn’t bother me because I don’t really, I don’t feed off of it — I’m an open book. Someone asks me a question,, I answer it but I’m not really trying to dig in too deep. Things are always movin’ and groovin’, but as long as we are rooted in love and family, that’s the most important thing.”

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