Is Marlon Jackson’s Now GROWN SON Ruining Family Legacy w/6 ARRESTS For..

Posted On : March 31, 2016

Marlon Jackson’s 34 year old son has been arrested six times in the last 6 years and we’ve got the mugshots to prove it. When we first found this tidbit of info out about Marlon Jr., the main question that came to mind was ‘Why in the world is this happening to the son of music royalty, the son of the most iconic musical family in music history, the nephew of the biggest musical icon in the world?!!’ And we couldn’t quite come up with a logical answer that was justifiable enough to make us say ‘Oh okay, NOW I get it’…


MARLON JACKSON JR. - ARREST #5 August 1, 2014- Marlon was arrested for criminal trespass (misdemeanor) in Decatur, GA

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