Martin L. King’s DAUGHTER Shades The HELL Outta Pepsi’s Wack Ad w/POTENT Message

Posted On : April 5, 2017

Bernice King, daughter of the iconic Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. just gave a classic shut down to Pepsi over their new ‘protest’ commercial (that they’ve just pulled off air and the internet due to backlash). *SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MS. KING”S RESPONSE*

Bernice King paying homage to hr father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s, monument
Bernice King paying homage to hr father, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s, monument

If y’all haven’t heard by now, the internet has been giving Pepsi HELL over their new protest commercial featuring Kendall Jenner- the Kardashian sibling. Why you ask? Because it’s weird, confusing, and just straight up wack for several reasons:

Pepsi’s Vague Attempt To Send United Message Backfired

1. Pepsi used a blend of people (mostly Caucasian with a few other nationalities sprinkled in between) in a failed attempt to give their ‘protest’ commercial a multi-cultural ‘we are the world’ type vibe. That’s great right? WRONG in this case, because the message was unclear. All the viewers could conclude is that the paid extras and Kendall were marching in protest of…something. And it’s that confusion that brings us to wack reason #2…

Liberals & Conservatives HATED It

2. Although groups from all walks of life were confused, in particular two of them were really beefin’ with Pepsi on the internet- Liberals vs. Conservatives- so Pepsi didn’t stand a chance either way.

Those against the Black Lives Matter movement (mostly conservatives) are pissed because the commercial seemed to support the BLM movement. That in and of itself, is a whole ‘nother topic because it’s pretty baffling that anyone would think it’s wrong to stand in solidarity against the hundreds of thousands of unjust killings of Black people at the hands of police. Moving on…because again, that’s a different topic for another day…

Kendall Jenner Pepsi commercial (L); Black Lives Matter protester, Lakeisha Owens (R)
Kendall Jenner in Pepsi commercial (L); Black Lives Matter protester, Iesha Evans, being arrested in Baton Rouge in protest of Alton Sterling’s murder by police (R)

Those in support of the Black Lives Matter movement (mostly liberals and anyone else who thinks cops killing Black people at random is wrong) were pissed because the commercial seemed to downplay the severity of the issues at hand, by doing two things: (a) not casting a more diverse group of people; and (b) by suggesting that because Kendall Jenner handed the police officer a Pepsi and he drank it, that is all it takes to end police brutality and get equal rights.

The Kardashian Backlash

Many commenters also didn’t like Kendall Jenner doing such an ‘insensitive’ commercial just to get a check and they ultimately took aim at the Kardashian crew for being “gold digging attention seekers.”

So yeah…this whole Pepsi sha-bang didn’t go over well.

Pepsi Scared To Pick A Side?

Overall, it seems like the creative heads at Pepsi were obviously scared to choose a movement– whether it be women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, pro-Trump, anti-Trump, LGBT rights, Blue Lives Matter…or whatever. Pepsi’s mistake was trying to create a ‘kumbayah’ moment in a society that unfortunately leans toward the opposite direction. So now Pepsi just looks weak and insensitive as a result of their indecisively nonspecific protest commercial.

Bernice King’s Response To Pepsi Commercial

To top it off, Martin Luther King’s daughter, Bernice King, beautifully summed up the insensitivity, within Pepsi’s commercial, with one potent tweet:

“If only Daddy would have known about the power of #Pepsi.”

Well said Ms. King.

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