Marvin Gaye Sisters Living In Poverty & Want Some Of That $7.4Mill

Posted On : March 28, 2015
Zeola Gaye and Jan Gaye
Zeola Gaye and Jan Gaye

Now that the verdict in the $7.4Million “Blurred Lines” case. The family now is engaged in a feud as Marvin Gaye’s sisters and ex-wife continue to be at odds. Gaye’s ex-wife says that Marvin Gaye’s sisters are ‘picking on his bones!’ But his sisters say that ‘he would have hated to see us like this’. We know the old school saying “Mo Money Mo Problems”, but this family is experiencing an ongoing struggle with Gaye’s estate. Check out the recent interview via DailyMail

Sisters Zeola and Jeanne Gaye, who are 69 and 78 told how his ex-wife Jan accused them of ‘picking on your brother’s bones’ and rebuffed attempts to make peace in the wake of the settlement.

The sisters also say they cannot even perform his songs – despite Zeola singing the actual line in Got to Give it Up which was at the center of the legal case.

In what they say is a bitter irony, Gaye’s wife and children will receive the $7.4m while Zeola and Jeanne are living effectively in poverty despite playing a key role in Gaye’s life, while his ex-wife and her children profit from the ground breaking legal case and the already rich legacy of his music.

But Jan Gaye, 55, who was married to the singer for 11 years, accused the sisters of being ‘desperate’.

Besides the $7.4 million ordered by the court, Jan and his three children – Marvin III, 49, Nona, 40 and Frankie, 39 – receive royalty payments from his vast back catalog.

‘Marvin didn’t leave a will and his estate went to his heirs which we agree with. But Jan controls it all and that’s why we do not get anything.

‘The bottom line is that they get everything and we don’t get a dime. We try and live with that, but it is difficult.

‘If I was given a few million, it would change my life a lot. Marvin would have hated to have seen us like this….

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