Mary J’s Stepdaughter Reveals Past Drug Struggles &Throws Shade At James Debarge

Posted On : June 15, 2017

Mary J. Blige and her soon-to-be-ex husband, Kendu Isaacs,’ marriage may be on a road to no return, but Kendu’s daughter is just getting started with her newfound fame. Brianna Kamara (formerly Isaacs) is now a reality TV star, who was featured on season 2 of Growing Up Hip Hop and quite frankly, if it wasn’t for her (and Rockafella music legend, Damon Dash) being a part of the show, it probably would have been kinda boring.

Kendu Isaacs and his daughter, Brianna

On the show, Brianna discussed some seriously tough situations she’s endured and she also got a chance to get to know James Debarge’s daughter, Kristinia Debarge. During one of their meet-ups Kristinia was breaking down the recent rumor to Brianna about James and Janet Jackson allegedly having a secret baby.

Brianna’s Shade

It’s no secret that Kistinia has spent the last year or so, trying to get to the bottom of the truth regarding the alleged love child her Pops believes exists. But what made Kristinia’s and Brianna’s exchange even more interesting, was the blatant shade Brianna threw at James Debarge afterwards. See what she said and check out her video clip below…

Kristinia Debarge (L); her father/singer, James Debarge (R)

“I don’t really read the tabloids, but I feel like every time I hear about them Kristinia’s family in ’em,” said Brianna.

Briana on the Janet/James love child rumor:

“I wouldn’t be surprised is there is a baby because people be doing all kinds of crazy things. I wouldn’t be surprised if he sold this story for dope. Crackheads do a lot of things.”

Ouch! We all know James Debarge has admitted to having a serious drug problem on and off, so I guess we can’t blame Brianna for her shade. As you can see, Mary J.’s step-daughter has a trait similar to her step-mom: she speaks her mind at all times. Sadly, another thing she has in common with her step-momma, Mary, is that she, too, had a past addiction to hard drugs, which makes her jab at James Debarge even more ironic.

Mary J. Blige and soon-to-be-ex-husband/record producer, Kendu Isaacs

Kendu’s Daughter Speaks On Her Past Drug Addiction

Brianna revealed, on another episode of WeTV’s Growing Up Hip Hop, that starting at age 12, she became addicted to drugs and had a rough relationship with her parents. She tried a lot of drugs and admitted that her situation only worsened after moving to Miami at 15 to live with her grandmother:

Brianna (Isaacs) Kamara: “I did a lot of drugs and hung out. I ended up in some pretty unsavory situations, and I’m just blessed to be here. I had a drug of choice which was methamphetamine. Anything that I could do, I would do…Once I got to Miami, I found cocaine. I also found ecstasy and a bunch of prescription pills. I didn’t know how bad it was until I was kicked out of school for the third time.”

Today at 30 years old, thankfully Brianna’s drug days are behind her and she’s focused on raising her toddler. She also finds peace by doing what she loves- photography and painting. Now if we can just get her Pops and Stepmom to find some peace, because Lawd knows they need it. Mary’s been stressed because of the money she has to shell out to Kendu in spousal support; and Kendu’s probably been stressing because he had to nervously wait (up until recently) to see when and if a judge was gonna grant him any money from Mary. Kendu’s now getting $30K a month in temporary spousal support, but that may change in the near future…for better or worse.

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