Mathew Knowles Claps Back At Rumors He’s Banned From Beyonce’s Hospital Room

Posted On : May 24, 2017

Although Mathew Knowles is responsible for one of the most iconic careers in music history, he still gets the cold shoulder where his famous daughter, Beyonce, is concerned. Since his divorce from Tina Knowles due to alleged infidelity, it’s seemed as if Mathew has become estranged from his family. In fact, it’s been rumored that Mathew wouldn’t be allowed in his daughter’s hospital room as she gives birth to twins. The recent rumors center were reportedly fueled by Mathew’s alleged habit of showing up unannounced.


The Rumors:

According to The Jasmine Brand, an inside source previously said Beyonce wasn’t very pleased with the way her father arrived at the hospital, uninvited when Blue Ivy was born. The insider also claimed Beyonce had no desire for her father to be present when she gives birth. “She is fearful that he’ll show up uninvited like he did with [their five-year-old daughter] Blue. She doesn’t want him anywhere nearby on her special day. She fully expects everything to be perfect as they become a family of five.”

Shortly after Beyonce became pregnant, Mathew did an interview and many fans speculated that he’d spilled the beans about the sex of the babies which is another reason why the singer reportedly limits what her father knows.

FI- Beyonce and Matthew Knowles

Clapping Back:

Despite the rumors, Mathew Knowles claims it’s all a flat-out lie. “There’s a difference in a rumor and a lie, that’s a lie. That’s a bold lie,” he confirmed. The former Destiny’s Child manager went on to share details about his relationship with his daughters/ Although it’s rumored that Mathew is estranged from Beyonce and Solange, he claims otherwise. “I communicate with my daughters weekly, I would describe my relationship with my daughters as loving.”

Beyonce has yet to comment on the situation and there’s a strong possibility she never will. Bey and Jay adamantly keep their personal lives out of the spotlight.

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