Medical Examiner Keeps Cause of Bobbi Kristina’s Death Secret Because…

Posted On : September 26, 2015

fb bobbi kris medicalThe criminal investigators and medical examiner have just confirmed that they now know the exact cause of Bobbi Kristina’s death, but they are all keeping the details on the hush because as we previously reported, their is an ongoing criminal investigation into Bobbi’s death and Nick Gordon continues to be their person of interest. Here’s what TMZ reported about this:

Bobbi Kristina's cause of death is now known, but no one's talking, because police are still on the hunt for evidence that could lead to a homicide prosecution.
The Fulton County Medical Examiner just said it knows exactly what killed Whitney Houston's daughter, but they can't reveal it to the public because a judge ordered the findings sealed.
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The M.E. did say the Fulton County D.A. and the Roswell P.D. have been clued in.
It's not hard to read  between the lines.  Authorities don't want the findings to interfere with their investigation ... to give persons of interests and suspects a road map preventing them from making incriminating statements.  The judge's order underscores that the criminal investigation is active.

Their secret findings kind of make you wonder just what, if any, type of foul play they’ve actually discovered throughout their investigative process. We just hope that Bobby Brown and the rest of the Houston and Brown families can ultimately get precise answers and closure as they grieve their beloved Bobbi Kristina. At 22 years young, she’s gone way too soon, but she and her mother Whitney Houston will never be  forgotten. May they both continue to rest peacefully.
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