Meet The Son Comedian Robin Harris Never Got To See Before He Passed

Posted On : October 28, 2015
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Robin Harris in “House Party” (screen-grab)

Robin Harris was one of the most unique comedians in the comedy world and his impact has touched not only the comedy circuit, but also the film industry and hip hop culture. Although he had an Old School style with his comedy that was reminiscent of the greats, like Richard Pryor with his storytelling and Red Foxx with his swagger, Robin Harris had a style all on his own and he was only 36 years old when he passed away from a heart attack in 1990, during the height of his career.

Meet Robin Harris’ Son

Now, we get to meet the son that unfortunately Harris never got a chance to meet. His name is Robin Harris Jr. and he is the only child of his dad and his mom (also Harris’ wife), Exetta Harris.

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Harris never got to meet his son, Robin Jr., because when his wife, Exetta was pregnant with Jr., in 1990, Harris passed away.

Now that Robin Jr. is a 27 year old man, he says he is overwhelmed by the greatness of his Dad and his impact on the world. He has only gotten to know his Pops from stories his family has told him, online research, and other entertainers’ accounts of how his dad impacted their lives and/or careers. Here’s what Robin Jr. told Comedy Hype about that:

After researching and studying my dad, I do see comics that are out now as wells as comedians of the last decade who remind me of him. From Martin Lawrence, Cedric The Entertainer, Steve Harvey, and all those type of guys I see the similarities. I think even now with Kevin Hart, I see a parallel. Kevin’s comedy style and my dad showed their ability to improv. Yeah you have a routine  but at the same time your able to come up with a joke on the spot. A lot of old schoolers would tell me that my dad had that talent to just talk about you and all you could do is laugh. Just seeing Kevin Hart’s recent stand-up movies I see a little bit of that style.

robin harris wife exetta
Robin Harris wife (and the mother of their son Robin Jr.), Exetta Harris (via Instagram)

Robin Jr. on what he thinks separated his dad from other comedians:

What really made him stand out the most was probably his work ethic. Its crazy but I’m understanding that I have the same type of work ethic. What my mom, and close comedians told me was that he was always working. He was always trying to figure out how he could be better. He would kill a show but he would be so focused on how he could make it better. I didn’t realize that I have the same characteristic until I got into sports and music.

Robin Jr. is a rap artist who is focused on building his own legacy:

“I decided to title it (his album) ‘Son Of A Legend,’ after researching my dad and seeing his impact on the world, I didn’t realize how important he really was until the last few years seeing different things online. I can go on the internet and type in Robin Harris and pages and pages will come up. Twitter also has really showed me that I’m a son of a legend. I’ve been humbled and now understand that my dad was really legendary at what he did.”

Check out Robin Jr.’s performance below…

Don’t expect Robin Jr. to be telling jokes at the comedy club any time soon…well he probably won’t be doing that ever, because he said that’s not his passion. Although Robin Jr. did admit he’s “naturally funny.”

If Robin Harris were here today, I’m sure he would be filled with pride about his son. Robin Harris’ legacy is just as strong as it ever was and it is a beautiful thing to see his flesh and blood keeping his dad’s name alive in his own unique way.
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