(VIDEO) Michael Jackson Gay? NOT! And We Have The Footage To Prove It!

Posted On : December 9, 2014


What’d we tell you? MJ would holla at a female no matter where he was, he was getting phone numbers left and right, giving and getting kisses, aggressively flirting with the ladies- you name it, he was doing it! Now there are 3 main factors about this video that stand out the most, proving that MJ definitely loved the ladies:

1. The proof is in the pudding and raw video does not lie.
2. Kids aren’t always the best liars and that audio of MJ when he was approximately a 10-12 year old kid talking about what he likes his “gals” to look like, is about as real of a response as it gets.
3. The external verification from those closest to him and the women who have experienced sexual attraction advances from MJ is even more proof that Michael was all about the ladies.

mj and naomi

And of course we can’t overlook the fact that he and Whitney Houston dated for a minute (in the pre-Bobby Brown era) and our beloved Whitney also confirmed that for everyone, in an interview a few years ago, when she told that story detailing one of their romantic dates back in the day.

whitney and michael5

Who also remembers when MJ and Stephanie Mills had a thing going on for a while? Stephanie said this about dating MJ:
[quote_box_center] “I loved Michael. I thought that I was going to be Mrs. Michael Jackson, but I was ready at 20 and 21 to get married and he was not even close to getting married or having a girlfriend at the time, but yes we dated. We dated for awhile. [His kiss] was wonderful. He was very affectionate, very loving, very sensitive. Michael was really misunderstood. Honestly, I really just think he was misunderstood because he was so sensitive.” [/quote_box_center]

Stephanie Mills and Michael Jackson when the were a couple in 1978.
Stephanie Mills and Michael Jackson when the were a couple in 1978.

ILOSM family, the bottom line is this- the mainstream media is EXTREMELY powerful and we are seeing more and more proof, not just with MJ, but with many topics, that the media has the power to sway public perception by intentionally hiding information and oftentimes, blatantly exploiting lies. Prior to social media and the popularity of the internet, we had no way of getting the huge amounts of data, that we all have access to now, on a daily basis now. So whatever the media wanted to give us, that’s all that we recieved and we drew our conclusions from there. Times have changed and we now know much of what we were seeing was an illusion.

dick gregory2
Activist and comedian, Dick Gregory

Michael, his friend activist/comedian Dick Gregory, his family members, Mariah Carey and many others whom have had inside information, have all claimed that there was a long lasting conspiracy against Michael Jackson from the powers that be (we’ll give you the details on that another time) and the mainstream media played a HUGE role in spreading the message of that alleged conspiracy to tarnish MJ’s name for financial gain. It’s good that a ton of information about MJ is now surfacing because of the emergence of social media and the internet…and like I mentioned earlier, we can clearly see that the information that was once placed before us through mainstream media, was not always what it seemed. So it looks like when MJ sang: “I want to love you [P.Y.T.] pretty young thing” he was talking to the females.

Let us know your thoughts on this one ILOSM and Gritty Soul family.

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