Mike Tyson Dissed At Chile Airport…Here’s Why They Just Kicked Him Outta The Country

Posted On : November 10, 2017

Mike Tyson got dissed by the Chile equivalent to the FBI on Thursday (11-19-17). All the brotha was trying to do was make his paper for a gig he reportedly had scheduled, but authorities were pretty much like ‘Hell to the naw! Well…’Diablos al no!’ is more like the message the boxing icon was given at a Chile airport.

Here’s what happened:

Tyson showed up to the airport and was met by Chile detectives as he was exiting his plane. Apparently they’d been given a heads up that he was arriving in their country and couldn’t wait to send him right back to where he came from.

The PDI Chile agency even took the liberty of posting a photo, on Twitter, of their agents escorting the champ through the airport. Their message translates to:

“Detectives of #Policial International reappear to Mike Tyson for not complying with the Immigration Law.”

Apparently, Chile has strict laws against convicted felons from foreign countries and they made that message loud and clear to Tyson. He fits into that category due to his 1990’s rap sheet. In the 90’s, he as convicted of assault and cocaine possession and served three years in the pen’ after a beauty-pageant contestant claimed he allegedly raped her during her visit to his hotel room.

Tyson was reportedly in Chile to participate in a promotional event for a Chile TV channel.

Damn, Chile gave Tyson the Rodney Dangerfield treatment: He gets no respect…no respect at all.

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