See MJ’s Longtime SECRET Girlfriend, Many Want To Know If She’s BLACK

Posted On : May 22, 2016

Many of Michael Jackson’s close friends have long since confirmed that there was a woman in MJ’s life, who he dated for many years. We’ve learned that MJ’s secret woman was there since about 1988, according to her, and they still were seeing each other up until MJ’s tragic death. She shocked many when she revealed herself and now folks are trying to determine if she is actually Black, because they weren’t accustomed to seeing MJ date a Black woman…


REBBIE JACKSON WAS HAPPY THAT SHANA WAS 'IN MJ'S LIFE' After  Shana helped coordinate things for MJ's 45th birthday party at Neverland Ranch, Shana says MJ was very appreciative and expressed that to her, but she said the best part of the whole day was when Rebbie thanked her:

"The most touching moment for me was when Rebbie spotted me. She came over to me and gave me a big hug. She thanked me for being there for her brother and told me she had heard so many good things about me, says Shana."
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