MJ’s Nephew Defends Why He Let MJ’s Kids Lose Privacy On Reality TV

Posted On : October 7, 2015

fb mj nephewsThe late Michael Jackson dedicated his time to making sure that he shielded his children from the media as best as he could.  So when everyone got wind that his kids, Paris, Blanket, and Prince would be regularly featured on their cousins’ new reality TV show, The Jacksons: The Next Generation, many were like “Oh really?”

Some people accused Tito’s three sons, TJ, Taj, and Taryll (also known as the singing group, 3T) of using MJ’s children to gain popularity and get high ratings for their show, but one of they say that one of their main reasons for doing the show is to shut down the haters and naysayers who spread lies about the Jackson family. So it was only natural that they set the record straight on these new accusations against their character.

Michael Jackson's KidsTJ, who is the co-guardian (along with Mama Katherine Jackson) of MJ’s kids, and his brothers, Taryll, and Taj had a quick sit down with TMZ today and TJ told them this…

“The world has changed a lot, especially for them, since my uncle passed 6 years ago. Sure my uncle used to cover them up, but now they go to traditional schools. Whenever they go to karate, or to dentists appointments they’re being followed and pictured and stories are getting fabricated about their lives. And at one point you gotta start listening to the kids, you know, they should be having a say in what they want to do. They started to feel isolated and trapped, the older two have said that to me and it’s something that as a parent, I don’t want any of my kids to ever feel any isolation.”

And there you have it folks, Tito’s sons are not trying to using their cousins, their simply allowing them to live freely. Although let’s be honest, nobody probably would have watched their show if it only would have been marketed as a new 3T reality TV show, just being real.

On the flip side, I highly commend all three of the brothers for doing something to bring some realness and clarity about the Jackson family to the forefront on mainstream TV and I’ll be tuning in to their show again on Friday.

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