Wow! Before He Gets $7.4Mil, Marvin Gaye III’s Ex Trying To Get Some Too!

Posted On : December 1, 2015

fb marvin son2Ever since March of this year (2015) when a judge ruled that Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke will have to shell out $7.4 million to Marvin Gaye’s kids as a result of their “Blurred Lines” lawsuit win, Marvin Gaye III and the rest of Marvin’s children have been sitting back in the cut awaiting their payment.
pharrell and robinThat day hasn’t come yet because Pharrell and Robin are currently going through the appeals process. BUT now there is someone else who is reportedly making sure they get their slice of the pie. That person is the Mother of Marvin Gaye III’s child, Deanna Holly. Her legal team has stepped in to make sure that when the big payday comes, Deanna will get her bread. Here are the details via TMZ:

According to court docs, Gaye III owes Deanna Holly $62,564.44 in back child support … and L.A. county stepped in to file a lien against that “Blurred Lines” judgment. The move ensures that when Marvin’s checks start coming in, he’ll have to fork over the owed dough to Holly.

Geesh! $62,546.00 is a LOT of money and if it’s true that Gaye III owes that much in child support, Deanna has every right to get her paper. I know Gaye III is his father’s child, but right about now it would be fitting for him to listen to another artist’s music…Johnnie Taylor’s “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her” is more appropriate for this situation, but then again, it’s a lil’ too late for that.

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