Montell Jordan & Doug Christie Are Connected In A Way we Never Knew!

Posted On : November 1, 2015

fb montell jordan and doug christie2“This is How We Do It” singer, Montell Jordan, and former NBA baller (and also the husband of  Basketball Wives of L.A. star, Jackie Christie), Doug Christie, have a a much deeper connection that most ever knew about.

Aside from them both being married to their wives since the 90s, they also spent a lot of time together during their college years. Montell Jordan and Jackie Christie saw each other Friday (October 30, 2015) at the Kings’ FlashBackFriday basketball game, where they revealed details about what their real connection was. Here’s what was reported via

‘What most people don’t know that both of these men used to share one dorm room back in their college days.

During their time at Pepperdine University, a private college in scenic Malibu, CA, Christie and Jordan were roommates while in the early stages of their respective careers.

Christie was a standout guard on the Pepperdine basketball team before being drafted in the first round of the 1992 NBA Draft. Jordan, however, served a different role on the team.

montell jordan“I was tall but couldn’t play ball,” Jordan said following his halftime performance at the Kings first #FlashbackFriday game.

Jordan was one of the equipment managers on the team, where he worked in something he called “the cage” washing the team’s uniforms and other clothing. Despite the disparity in their roles, Jordan said that being roommates with Christie resulted in some “pretty cool times together in college”.

When not helping out the basketball team, Jordan was back in his room working on his budding music career.

“I’d come back in the room and [Montell] would have sheets hanging up on the walls to deaden the sound,” Christie recalled about his former roomie. “He’d be singing and doing his thing and yeah, we had a lot of fun.”

While they eventually went their separate ways after college, Doug and Montell kept in touch a bit in the following years.

“When his song first came out, “This Is How We Do It”, I took my daughter to the concert,” said Christie. “He signed a $100 bill and for her and I framed it up for her.”

“Really our careers kind of took off at the same time,” said Jordan. “As [Christie] was drafted and going into the NBA, about a year or two later, I would end up signing to Def Jam Records. While I had the number one record in the nation he was playing for the Sacramento Kings.”

Luckily for Montell Jordan, he had a back up plan as a successful singer, because it sounds like he had two left feet on the basketball court, LOL. It’s all good though and it’s funny how destiny works sometimes. By the way, Montell is a Christian rapper now, so be on the lookout for his upcoming music.

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