More Violent Details Surface About “Sweetie Pie’s” Star & His “BasketballWives” Girlfriend

Posted On : December 27, 2017

A couple weeks ago, Sweetie Pie’s star, Tim Norman, and his girlfriend/former Basketball Wives star, Jennifer Williams, made headlines when their disastrous split was made public. Now, more details about their disturbing split have been revealed. From the looks of it, Tim is painting a picture of a woman who appears to be a fatal attraction. Although the reality star a.k.a. Miss Robbie’s (of Sweetie Pie’s) son admitted he cheated on Jennifer, he probably didn’t expect her to clap back the way she has. It’s been months since their breakup in September, but it looks like Jennifer just isn’t ready to move; at least that’s the picture Tim is painting.

The Dirty Details:

According to The Jasmine Brand, the police report details a number of disturbing incidents where Jennifer is accused of doing horrific things to make Tim’s life miserable. By now, most people know about the restraining order Tim filed for, claiming Jennifer was stalking him. But now that the police report has been obtained, it looks like there’s much more to the story. From breaking into his home to slashing his tires and attempting to run over him with his own car, Jennifer has allegedly been giving Tim hell. However, the drama didn’t stop at his personal life. Jennifer is also said to have brought the drama to Tim’s job. The reality star also claims Jennifer tried to have him fired from Sweetie Pie’s. Tim also claimed to have screenshots of threatening text message conversations. Although they officially split back in September, it looks like they’d been at odds for months before they went their separate ways.

Jennifer’s Response:

Shortly after the couple’s ordeal made headlines, Jennifer Williams took to social media with a photo of the investigative report and a response to what happened. She captioned the post:

“I’m dealing with a real life psycho that I have not seen in 3 months! I don’t know if he is trying to boost ratings for his show or what his agenda is. Imagine me slashing tires. Imagine Tim moving quickly. Please leave me alone and stop fabricating lies..”

However, Tim insists all he wanted was distance after the breakup. He also revealed why a judge had no problem issuing a restraining order.

“All I had to do was show the emails, threats, and hate that’s been thrown my way … that’s it. Judge issued a restraining order immediately.Why isn’t there one on me ?? I’m NOT PRESSING CHARGES! I just want distance,” he wrote.

Hopefully, the drama fizzles out between these two, because if Tim’s claims are true, this situation could get very dangerous. Pretty sure his mother, Miss Robbie (owner of Sweetie Pie’s) doesn’t want her son to have to deal with any violent relationship. She’s already had to watch her good friend and former boss, Tina Turner, deal with that from Ike back in the day. In case y’all didn’t know, Tina Turner credits Tim’s mother for being the one who ultimately helped her leave Ike and find peace.

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